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I have no idea what to write here so I am just going write whatever comes into my head. I suppose I should tell the world a bit about myself first so I won’t. Hah!

While I was designing how my blog should look (which I am still doing), I was thinking about colours and how we see them. Why do some colours seem to clash?  I am running out of things to write!!! I’m sure I can finish this entry right here. But I won’t because I’m worried it will cause some sort of impression on my readers (not that I have any). I think I need a few friends on here to tell me the etiquettes of writing a blog. Is it okay for swear? Is it okay for me to write in slang? Actually I will ask Google these as it seems to know everything.

Did you know Google uses a tetrad (square) colour scheme? I suppose it’s quite obvious but reading up on colour theories is very interesting; there are certain colour harmonies which suit the eye, etc. I found out about this while I was thinking of making an online colour wheel spinner  but it’s already been done. I’ll put the links about them at the end. My colour scheme for my blog is going to amazing!

Oops, I forgot! I need a good title for my blog, any suggestions would be appreciated. – a basic introduction to colour (spelt the English way) theory – really useful website in choosing colour schemes

Also, is there some place I can make a collection of links?


Andriy Alesi


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